We have been teaching system development, test and maintenance governance since the 90’s and this should ascertain that we know what we talk about. We like to share our knowledge and the experience that we have accumulated and we happen to have some very popular teachers…

Thus, we have put together some courses and course packages:

Simplified system maintenance with pm3 & ITIL in cooperation 

COBOL Programming Education with Certification

Leadership & Governance

  • Agile for Managers
  • Scrum Education
  • GDPR – Compliance and Continuity!
  • Handover to Production and Maintenance
  • Integration Projects – Art of the Impossible
  • IT and Strategic Business Development
  • IT Service Management
  • Delivery Precision
  • Environments and Production Launches
  • And Then There Is Just The Roll-Out…
  • Process Orientation within Service Companies
  • Procurement – Traditional and Agile
  • Project Indicator – Performing Project Audits
  • Project and Program Planning
  • Release Management


Requirement Handling

  • Idea Capture and Requirement Modeling – Lost Time
  • IT and Business Modeling
  • Requirements Modeling in Practice
  • Structured and Gain Based Requirements Handling


System Development

  • Architecture in Mainframe and iSeries
  • Data Base Management – Prerequisites for Efficient Coding
  • Configuration Handling for Development and Maintenance of IT Systems
  • Mainframe Concepts – JCL, IWS (OPC/TWS), …
  • Programmer’s Education in COBOL, with certification
  • Mainframe Technology


Test and Quality

  • Quality, you get that by testing, right?
  • Test Academy
  • Automated Testing – What Do You Need to Succeed?
  • Procurement, Acceptance Test and Approval of IT Systems
  • Quality Assurance and Test in System Development
  • Statistical Testing – Test Less, But Know More
  • Test Preparations in Practice



  • Easier System Maintenance with pm3 & ITIL in Cooperation
  • Maintenance Governance
  • Operative Follow-up


All courses can be adjusted to fit your company needs, when necessary.

If you have any questions about our courses, Calle is the person to talk to!

Calle is a senior management consultant with focus areas in maintenance and project management. Calle has a long and wide experience from IT, believe in innovation and is motivated of change management, improvements and establishment.

Carl-Christian Wallin
COO & Management consultant

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